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We don't just talk about Six Sigma, we implement it. That's the difference!!!

Vative join LSSSP to develop internationally certified Lean Six Sigma.......more

Toll and Kmart use Vative services to train senior management in Lean Six Sigma techniques......more

Lean Six Sigma

Join The Lean Six-Sigma Society Of Australasia

Vative Join the Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals to develop the an internationally certified Lean Six-Sigma program. Similar to Motorola's Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Black Belt training and certification, the Lean Six-Sigma package offers levels of internationally certified training for Lean Practitioner, Lean Expert and Lean Master and Green, Black and Master Black Belts. The programs are targeted towards managers of an organisation and involves the following over a 3-15 day duration:
Education about the history of Lean Six Sigma and all the tools required to implement a successful lean six sigma systems
Four rounds of simulation workshops to help educate particapants about how lean tools are applied and the benefits to an organisation
Optional business operations forensic (Lean Business Health Check)
Optional Value Stream Mapping of business processes
Implementation of real projects (Required only for certification)

This program is the ideal way to educate senior staff about lean principles and align the business to an overall strategy. This program is perfectly suited as a leadership and management training prior to any Australian Certificate training in Cert III or Cert IV.

Toll and Kmart use Vative Services to train senior management in Lean Six Sigma techniques. This three day lean training workshop targeted senior managers. Educating the leaders of the organisation about the power of Lean and Six Sigma and how to apply the tools in reality to business operations. Participants had the following feedback:
The Vative team have thoroughly knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma
The simulation workshops gave pratical insight on how lean tools are applied and the expected benefits
The Vative team are very down to earth and provided realistic guidance
The materials are detailed and easy to understand
The exercises teach us how to effectively apply each tool to the detail of calculating supermarket sizes

We would recommend Vative and this course to any organisation which is serious about implementing Lean!

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