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We don't just talk about Six Sigma, we implement it. That's the difference!!!

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Do you have a great Idea?
Turn your bright Idea from a flicker into Lightning!!

Did you know that 71% of Australian's who file patents are working on innovations that already exist. Do be caught in this trap. Only unique innovations can be patented.

We offer initial searches for $400 excl. GST. Contact Us to find out how!

Vative offer effective solutions that are tailored to your skills and desired project involvement. Vative can offer Patent, Law, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing and Marketing services.

Having a great idea is only the first part of the complex puzzle. 

Vative Invention Development can guide you through the process and help make your innovations and inventions a success using the following steps:

1) Inventions assessment
Establish confidentiality agreements
Innovation originality assessment including international patent searches
Innovation manufacturability and costs
Market interest and profitability
Critical assessment of your invention
2) Invention Patent/Design applications
Vative is linked to qualified attorneys
Vative can provide designs and drawings
Vative can lodge your Patent/Design applications
3) Prototype development or system modelling
Vative can help you develop your prototypes ready for presentation to potential buyers
Customer surveying and market response research
4) Marketing
Vative will generate a list of potential buyers and can contact them in a professional manner on your behalf
Vative can prepare a professional product presentation for potential buyers and can present on your behalf
Royalties negotiation
All products managed by Vative include free advertising on the Vative Products website
5) Management
Accounts management. Once you have secured buyers, Vative can manage your income
Vative recognises the world is made up of varied skills and accommodates our clients by assisting them to fill the gaps. You can do as little or as much as you desire. Don't just get a patent, get a success story. Contact Us and make your idea a reality now! Commercialise your idea!


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