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Six-Sigma and the Lean Six-Sigma Society of Professionals are proud to present a 3 day lean systems workshop and simulation.

This Workshop offers an introduction to the philosophies, methods and techniques of Lean Systems.

Delivered via multimedia presentations covering theoretical components and supported by detailed operational simulations aimed at practical integration of the theory, the workshop will provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to assist in the development of a lean system for their organization

Who Should attend?

The workshop is aimed at giving key leaders within your business (from the executive group down to frontline managers) the correct lean mindset and tools to begin or move forward on the journey to operational and business excellence.

The combination of theory and practical simulation is the optimum way of giving participants an equal understanding of lean theory, tools and techniques and has been designed for between 5 to 15 participants.

Outcomes of the Course:

Gaining a thorough understanding of the theories, tools and techniques and selecting those which are the most appropriate and important for your organizations success is important.

Just as important is gaining an understanding of how the tools and techniques integrate together to create synergy and an effective overall system. The workshop will expose you to best practices used worldwide and leave you with a comprehensive kit of tools that can be used to develop & enhance your operation or business.

    Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to:
  • Understand the Lean Principles and Tools
  • Discuss the Lean Deployment Strategy and Framework
  • Conduct Value Stream Maps of the Current State and Develop a Future State
  • Identify Wastes and use critical Lean Tools to Eliminate Wastes
  • Define the Improved Flow and Process in Simulated Process or Operational Environments.
  • Apply the Lean Principles and Tools at their Workplace and Lead Projects.
  • Improve the Overall Efficiency of a Process or Operations including the Support Areas.

Why perform a simulation?

Research has shown that adults learn and understand concepts better when they experience or practically do things rather than read about them. This principle is deeply engrained in the workshop and is the primary purpose and objective of the Lean Simulation.

The Lean Simulation illustrates a manufacturing process. However, Lean concepts are applicable in any business where there are processes or tasks which have dependencies on each other in meeting a customer need.

The Simulation is now being used in a range of industries to create an awareness of the waste that exists and the techniques which can be used effectively to eliminate such waste.

Simulations can be any of the following customised solutions:

  • Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Services and Office
  • Healthcare

Other Considerations

The workshop is flexible to your requirements. You can attend a workshop either as part of a mixed business group or tailor your own in-house workshop.

In the mixed workshop, your company should enroll participants from both management and operational functions.

The in-house workshop is tailored and extended to 4 days. Day 1 will require a review of the client business environment to allow for contextualization of the theory that will be delivered to the target group from day 2 to 4. This will enable a greater depth and detail in workshop discussion that is relevant and contextualized to meet specific organisation goals.

Our team of experts with many years practical experience in a variety of industries will facilitate the learning process. Contact us for the latest Lean Leadership Program Flyer.


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