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Six Sigma Projects

We don't just talk about Six Sigma, we implement it. That's the difference!!!

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Lean Six Sigma

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Optimise your process performance with the option for government subsidies.

Train your operators, supervisors and managers in Six Sigma concepts to nationally recognized levels – Diploma (Green Belt) or Advanced Diploma (Black Belt) at a price per participant or under the Competitive Systems and Practices Initiative.

Funding Available:

Government training subsidies available in Australia under the Federal and State Certificate Training Scheme.

In parallel to Government Certificate Funding, there are also various State and Federal Government grants that are available for organisations to access to subsidise any Green or Black Belt Programs. For more information on these grants, please contact our offices to find out how these grants can be accessed and applied to your business, and how these can be used to subsidise any Six Sigma programs.

About our "Government Funded Certificate" Six Sigma Programs

Developed by the Industry Training Advisory Boards in Australia, Competitive Systems and Practices provides the skills to implement modern processing and manufacturing techniques required to sustain industry performance.

Delivered in the workplace this program is very different from most training programs and focuses on improvement outcomes in the workplace.

Vative have developed programs to allow government funding for Six Sigma training using the Competitive Systems and Practices Framework.

Our programs follow the LSSSP guidelines for Six Sigma Certification. All successful candidates are Internationally certified by the people who developed Six Sigma.

Training Delivery

Delivered over a period of 12-15 months the training delivery can be modified to suit your business needs. Examples include block training 2 days every 6 to 8 weeks, 1 day per month or half day per fortnight. Hours are also flexible to suit shift workers, or high production needs

Training can be delivered on site to individuals from a single organisation or as part of an "open group" program

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