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Six Sigma Projects

We don't just talk about Six Sigma, we implement it. That's the difference!!!

Vative join LSSSP to develop internationally certified Lean Six Sigma.......more

Toll and Kmart use Vative services to train senior management in Lean Six Sigma techniques......more

Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Training Services

Use Vative services and we can pay you! How?? Lean training is the key!
Vative have an eye for innovation and develop Lean Manufacturing Processes, Products and Training Services that will provide innovative solutions to help keep you ahead of your competitors.

In achieving our goals, we improve profitability and improve people's living and working conditions. Take advantage of government grants to help your business improve. Contact us to find out how you can get your share of the government help.

We offer Cert III, Cert IV & Diploma Lean training at no out of pocket cost. This training can be used as the perfect platform for your business to launch Lean thinking and professionally train your staff.
Allow Vative to make a free Lean assessment of your business and we will be able to determine if there are considerable cost savings to be made by using Lean Engineering systems.

Via structured assessments, Vative will determine a range of potential savings for your business. We offer innovative improvements suggestions for your business processes at no out of pocket costs. Try our Savings Based Payment plans! (Find Out More) Melbourne Based.

Invention Development Services

Do you have a great Idea?? Vative can help you make your ideas and inventions marketable and profitable. We help every day people and businesses protect innovations via patents. Why not take advantage of our invention development services and make your ideas a reality! Commercialise your innovations! Click here

Our Vative Strategic Alliances help us provide you with the best service available
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